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Used Cooking Oil Collection Service


We collect waste cooking oil/ghee from all over Pakistan and efficiently recycle this oil to make Bio Diesel

UCO Collection: Products


Make Punjab Saaf Punjab by recycling your waste into Green and Healthy Future

Bio Tech Energy operates a used cooking oil collection service under the banner 'Saaf Punjab' with over 100 collection contracts.

At Saaf Punjab we provide a complete and viable solution for the disposal of waste cooking oil/ghee. Through our reliable and efficient services to our clients, we are able to collect and recycle used cooking oil/ghee.

Saaf Punjab initiative is first of its kind in Pakistan. Through our awareness drive, we highlight how harmful consuming waste cooking oil/ghee is to health and how Saaf Punjab offers innovative answers for managing your waste cooking oil/ghee.

Our objective is to create sustainable solutions for greener environment and healthy society. Saaf Punjab provides waste cooking oil solutions for both industrial and commercial food processing users.

Saaf Punjab is ISCC certified company. This attests that we follow stringent and transparent system of collecting and recycling waste cooking oil/ghee into Bio Diesel. In addition, we are licensed by Punjab Food Authority to collect waste cooking oil/ghee.

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